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Computer store in West Valley City

Looking for a great computer store in the Salt Lake City, Utah area?  We’ve got a wonderful change of pace for you at All in One Computers in West Valley.

Our shop is not enormous or beautiful.  What we do have is a lot of real expertise, and the ability to help you with just about any challenge or purchase.

Why not see if we can offer you the perfect computer for a “cheap” price.  We’ve got the accounts, contacts, and resources; and we don’t have to pay ridiculous overhead, so we can offer you the perfect new affordable computer.

Utah’s Used Computer Source

All in One Computers can fix or repair your old machine, but if you are ready to upgrade your computer… we pride ourselves in offering used and refurbished computers at an affordable price.

We deal in PC’s and Macs… laptops, desktops, all in 1’s… you name it.

With 25 years experience and expertise, you’ll not only get a great deal on a used computer… it will be done right.

And all our used and refurbished computers come with a full 6 months parts and labor guarantee!  Good luck finding that anywhere else.  We can do it because we get it right.

Is this computer shop near me?

We’re located in the Salt Lake Valley at:

All In One Computers
3341 Hunter View Dr
West Valley City, UT 84128

(801) 508-1461

Used Computers

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Used but not used up! Machines that still run and get the job done. Available at a steep discount.

Refurbished Laptops and Desktops for sale

We refurbish laptops and desktops to get you machines you can depend and rely on, at a price you can afford.

Cheap Gaming PCs for sale

Need something that can handle today’s games without breaking the bank? We got you covered.